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I want this page to showcase some of my favorite visual projects. The truth is, I've shot almost everything that you see on my website. Therefore I've compiled a collection of the projects I am most proud of based on their challenges presented as a visual storyteller. Enjoy. 


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"Gilbert of Goleta"  |  Short Doc Film  |  Black Magic Ursa Mini Pro 4.6k with Sigma 18-35mm and Canon L glass. 


"Arg Stairs"  |  Comedy Feature Film  |  Black Magic Ursa Mini 4k and Production Camera 4k with Canon L and Sigma Art glass


"Astray"  |  Drama Feature Film  |  Hacked Panasonic Lumix GH2 & GH3 with Vintage cine-modded Canon FD glass. 


"Yosemite"  |  Short Film  |  Panasonic Lumix GH3 with Rokinon 12mm 


"Teddy"  |  Short Film  |  Arriflex 416 Super 16mm


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