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I Became Sid 

I caused a lot of trouble as a young man. 🤕 But the things that I did to this poor toy are downright shocking. Why? Was there something wrong with me? Is there still something wrong with me? Was I alone? This Friday I’m releasing a short film that will answer all of these very important questions and the good news is.... I’m not alone.


Sometimes you have to make time for passion projects. When your gut is screaming for a very specific creative release above all else. This particular subject has been on my mind for a long time and I must say, I’m very proud of the final product. That being said you will likely never look at me the same. 😉

Share the film on July 5th and contact me below. Tell me about your relationship with Woody. Let heal together! 

Lets Heal Together!

Thanks for submitting!

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